phi.lo: "What Can I Help You With Today?"
  • I've bought a new Mac and want a quick overview on how to setup and find my around it?
  • A application keeps crashing on my Mac and I don't know why?
  • My Mac is on its way out, but I want to rescue my photos, emails, bookmarks etc before I have my hard drive replaced?
  • My Mac is running slower each day?
  • I would like to set up network speakers so that I can play music from my iPhone/iPad/Laptop?
  • I just got a new iPhone/iPad. What do I do?
  • There's something wrong with my iPhone/iPad?
  • I would like to connect external monitors/TV to my Mac?
  • I would like to setup a broadband modem and wireless router?
  • I would like to create a website for my business?
  • I have a very small change on my website but don't want to use my old website admin to do it?
  • My website is a little out dated and would like to jazz it up?
None of the above? Don't panic 😉 CONTACT ME and I'll see what I can do (ツ)